Singapore Discovery Centre - Foreward Writing

Singapore Discovery Centre Annual Report Front of Book Writing

Project Aim:

The aim of this project was to write the front-of-book section of the Annual Report of the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC). We were tasked with writing the opening foreword, messages from the Chairman and Executive Director for the annual report of SDC. 

Project Deliverables

Script Consultants created highly informative foreword for SDC’s Executive Director and Chairman.

Both the forewords were focused on giving information about the annual report of SDC.

Project Achievements:

Both the forewords written by the content team of Script Consultants were published officially under the name of SDC’s Executive Director and Chairman.

Before writing each foreword, we first conducted a personal interview with the executive director and chairman to help us understand their annual report thoroughly.

Here Is Our Published Work:

S’pore Discovery Centre FY2015 Chairman’s Foreward

S’pore Discovery Centre FY2015 Executive Director’s Foreward

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