Shopmatic Website Copywriting (For Webstores & Merchants)

Project Aim:

Shopmatic is a Singapore based technology company that delivers e-commerce solutions to small and medium enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs across Asia. The company had entrusted Script Consultants with creating web copy and doing website copywriting for various online merchants that it hosts on its digital platform.

Project Deliverables

Script Consultants created web copy for Shopmatic’s diverse array of online merchants, ranging from South Asia-ethnic webstore to sports academy for children. The web copy we produced was adjusted to the layout of each website to ensure that Shopmatic was able to place the appropriate content in the right place.

We have completed a total of six projects with Shopmatic so far, with more projects on the way.

Project Achievements:

We successfully delivered a bespoke web copy for Shopmatic regularly. Before writing each copy, we first conducted an interview with the online merchant to help us understand the philosophy, guiding principles and the business offerings that they provide.

This part of the writing process was critical in creating authentic web content that accentuates the unique selling point each merchant could bring to customers.

The next step in building the copy was to research extensively on the different markets that these merchants specialize in, to provide compelling insights into how their solutions can answer to the needs of the customers.

Furthermore, our research was helpful to highlight the benefits that prospective customers can obtain from making a purchase with Shopmatic’s partnered entrepreneurs.

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