one-north Science Stories

Project Aim:
Office of Science Communications  (OSCAR) at A*STAR engaged Script to write a series of articles to promote the outreach of their research in conjunction with the one-north Festival.


Project Deliverables:
The articles needed to capture the importance and impact of the research conducted by A*STAR. There was a need to bridge the gap of understanding and appeal between the scientific community and the people with regards to how A*STAR’s research is helping Singaporeans.


Project Achievements:
Script had the rare opportunity to create impactful content that was successfully used to drive traffic to the website. The interview Dr. Kenneth Kwok, a principal scientist in the Institute for High of Performance Computing (IHPC), for a story regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). The articles written are SEO optimised and and accessible to the general public.


one-north science storiesone-north science stories