OCBC Future Smart Programme - Articles Writing

OCBC Future Smart Programme – Articles Writing

Project Aim

OCBC wanted to showcase the reskilling and upskilling efforts of its workforce under the Future Smart initiative through a series of inspirational feature articles. These articles were put on display during the two-day Future Smart Learning Festival.

Project Deliverables

We created 14 feature articles describing the journeys of OCBC employees across divisions and regional subsidiaries in transforming themselves and their work environments to adapt to rapid digitalization in banking.

We encapsulated their drive and passion in developing new capabilities and competencies through three overarching, interrelated themes: education, experience, and exposure.

Project Achievements

To capture the essence of their stories, we conducted interviews with all the relevant parties featured in the articles. We also researched extensively on their job roles and divisions to ensure all the information was factually correct.

To develop and highlight interesting story angles in all the articles, we connected the interviewees’ learning philosophies, goals, and job responsibilities with OCBC Future Smart learning pillars.

We successfully delivered all 14 feature articles under a very tight deadline.

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