NTU: Alumni Profile

Project Aim:

NTU has aimed to leverage its organic online presence through content marketing to increase the rate of student enrolment, particularly for its executive Master of Business Administration programme (EMBA). The EMBA programme also has sought to increase alumni engagement to cultivate a robust network of professionals across vast swathes of industries and disciplines.

Project Deliverables:

For the first phase of our collaboration with NTU, Script Consultants strives to deliver three SEO-driven articles based on the selected alumni profiles. We conducted interviews with the alumni to encapsulate their motivations and aspirations in applying and how such goals have translated to their professional growth after the programme completion.

Project Achievements:

To craft a unique and profound story angle in each article, we crafted the copy against the backdrop of each interviewee’s background, profession, as well as personal and professional goals. We also shed light on how the alumni address the industry specifics in their respective fields with the skillsets that they have developed through the programme. These specifics range from traditional business scope, such as entrepreneurship to contemporary topics, such as digital transformation and innovation.