Marine and Port Authority of Singapore

Project Aim

Maritime Port Authority (MPA) sought to leverage all of its innovative and collaborative endeavors to maintain Singapore’s status as the premier global maritime hub. As the industry regulator, Maritime Port Authority wanted to showcase its success in creating positive growth for Singapore’s maritime industry in 2018 amidst the rising trade protectionism and technological disruption.

Project Deliverable

We proudly created an Integrated Annual Report that showcased MPA’s staunch commitment to keeping the maritime sector abreast of any technological and regulatory changes to better serve the ever-competitive market. We covered all MPA’s efforts to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem and develop a skilled maritime workforce.

Project Achievements

Script Consultants delivered an Integrated Annual Report that demonstrated MPA’s dedication to fostering a forward-looking maritime industry. The annual report highlighted all MPA’s breakthroughs in the following three areas: Workforce Skills Enhancement, Technological Advancements, and Sustainability. 

In terms of Workforce Skills Enhancement, Maritime Port Authority had partnered with several industry players, unions, and other government agencies to create skills development initiatives to catalyze innovation and productivity.

As for Technological Advancements, MPA had focused on expanding its digital capabilities to stimulate growth and attract more prospective companies to set up their operations in Singapore.

And lastly, in the context of Sustainability, Maritime Port Authority had managed to reduce the environmental impacts of shipping-related activities and promote more eco-friendly port operations through stringent sustainability policies.



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Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore


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Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore