Grab For Business – Branding & Website Copywriting

Project Aim:

The main aim of this project was to create a different brand tone for business users of Grab. The website – Grab for Business – is aimed for Corporate users of ride hailing company GRAB. The copywriting required the branding tone to be different from that of the consumer side of  GRAB. We had to keep in mind the overall brand guidelines, yet build  a business tone. This would also then be replicated on all  major social media handles.

Script was also involved in creating the wireframe and user flow of the website.

Project Deliverables:

Script consultant created the full-website wireframe and user website of the GRAB for Business Website. This website was initially called Grab for Work. We delivered the following for the projects:

  1. Create a brand tone that was in line with the overall Grab branding, but more corporate and professional.
  2. Generate content flow that had a clear set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help user flow.
  3. Work with the UI/ UX team to optimize website content for easy navigation.
  4. Make sure the website users’ leads were well capture.
  5. Ensure the that converted customers were able to find their dashboard communication.
  6. Ensure clear dashboard communication and instructions.
  7. Create a unified messaging tone for Social Media channels.

The content copy for each social media post was created by working on the main KPI of easier navigation and conversion for Corporate fleet users of Grab.

Project Achievements:

The brading tone of voice and copywriting we crafted  created for Grab successfully established the brand image for Grab for Business. It was distinctly different from the consumer branding. 

Script Consultants also designed a user interactive website wireframe and content for Grab’s official website and work portal.

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