Script Copywriting Collaterals for Maritime Singapore

Script Consultants Singapore Copywriting Portfolio for Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

Very proud to be finally sharing the copywriting portfolio for the work done by Team Script for Maritime Singapore Exhibition 2017.  It was a tight deadline with a lot to research, write and cover for the Singapore Maritime Week. Our first full scale #Exhibition collateral writing project.

Main Exhibition narrative description:

Singapore’s Maritime journey has come a long way since the humble beginnings as a Trading Post in 1819. Over the years, Singapore has transformed itself into a maritime capital.

Today, we are renowned and respected in the world for quality, efficiency, competitiveness and reliability of port and shipping services. Singapore has one of the world’s busiest ports. More importantly, Singapore has unparalleled global interconnectivity. We are now the focal point for 200 shipping lines with links to more than 600 ports in over 120 countries worldwide.

The Singapore Maritime Week exhibition tells the story of Singapore’s transformation as a global hub port and an international maritime centre. Moreover, it emphasizes the ongoing commitment to be better positioned for future growth.

Maritime Singapore is staying ahead and adapting to new industry challenges by being forward thinking and innovative. We harness the best technologies and practices to stay relevant, efficient and ahead of the competition.