Best practices for using Twitter account for business

We share some tips on using Twitter to improve your sales and business.

Before we delve into the world of Twitter and how it can help grow your business, let’s take a brief look at what Twitter is about and the components of Twitter

We share some tips on using Twitter to improve your sales and business.

Follow these few best practices to get the most out of you Twitter account:

1. Name your photo

Make it easier to be found and give a context to those searching for you. Naming the photo on your profile helps new members reach and follow you.

2. Include a web link

If you would like to improve the SEO of your main website, you should include a link to it in your Twitter account. Any inbound links to your website help in making it rank higher and appear as more authoritative.

3.Use # to find topics and groups to follow

Track the latest news or developments in your field of interest by following the relevant groups. Start by finding them by using the #. Join the groups and contribute your ideas. Follow relevant people and they may just follow you back.

4. Join the conversations on @Tweetchat

Twitter is all about benefits from a community discussion. Use @Tweetchat to track what people are discussing, and don’t just sit on the sidelines. Join in to the conversation.

5. Engage with people from different backgrounds

Engaging with people from different backgrounds will help you to promote your brand to people who are outside your comfort zone. Use your account as a marketing channel to expand your outreach.

6. Tweet good content

The easiest way to gain  followers is to tweet content that is useful, relevant and interesting for all the users. The trick is to creat a viral campaign that gets retweeted.

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