A look at 2016 so far: What are the hottest topics in Singapore?

Top social media favourites among Singaporeans include food, travel and social issues.

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Despite being a relatively new avenue for consumer engagement, social media has proven itself to be one of the most efficient ways for companies to spread the word about their business. Flexibility, reach and detailed metrics are some of the key advantages that are offered by site and app-based services like Facebook and Twitter.

Advanced traffic analytics tools can also come in handy here, one of which is ‘Parrot’, a social search engine that tracks and lists viral content by popularity.

However, just like any campaign in real life, due attention has to be paid when it comes to maximising one’s marketing efforts on social media. Strategies revolving around content creation and aggregation are more likely to work if chosen themes interest targeted customer segments.

That said, here’s a look at some of Singaporeans’ most well-loved topics based on the top articles of 2016 so far:

1. Food

If there is something that all Singaporeans have in common, it is their love for food. Topics related to the latest culinary happenings are always popular here.

Some examples of popular articles in the past include news about new stall openings (‘BAKE Cheese Tart’) and nutrition-based pieces (Diabetes: The rice you eat is worse than sugary drinks). So if you are thinking about running a culinary business, do consider expanding your brand influence on social media as food is a constantly trending topic.

2. Travel

Just like food, travel is yet another lifestyle-related topic that is unsurprisingly well-received by Singaporeans. Thanks to the hectic nature of local work life, a quick overseas trip often makes for the perfect getaway from the daily grind. For this reason, locals are often on the lookout for the latest travel news and happenings, ranging from trip reviews to improvements to our airline services.

3. Social Issues

In contrast to their penchant for cosmopolitan experiences, locals are also highly interested in articles on the latest social happenings or issues. This includes legal proceedings for the latest criminal cases and housing prices. Topics such as these are often popular topics for discussion as they are closely relevant to the hearts and lives of the common man on the street.

And that’s it, these are three of the most popular topics that Singaporeans love to discuss on social media. So if you are looking to attract local eyeballs to your content, be sure to explore and leverage on these talking points!

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